• Capacitive 7″ touch display
  • Integrated Audio
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS*
  • Gear Indicator
  • Suitable in Original Cluster
  • Original Socket 24 pin
  • External Temperature Sensor*
  • Deactivable warning lights
  • Clock
  • Lap Time
  • Delta Time live
  • Accelerometer*


LM Dash LTE is a fully Plug&Play digital device designed for Opel Speedster, Vx220, Lotus Elise and Exige cars from MY00 to MY22 with Toyota or Rover engine. Actually only the Lotus Elise with 1.6 Toyota engine is not supported.

With an extreme easy installation without extra wire or connectors: just remove your old analogic dash and install LMDash without any mod.

LM DASH is not a simple digital dashboard, but an integrated vehicle management system. It is different from any other similar product due to its speed of execution: the dual core processor directly runs programs without going through any third-party operating system, making everything faster and more reliable. Latest generation graphic interface makes your driving experience more engaging.

LM Dash is the first dashboard to comply with the driver’s driving style, thanks to display infos customization you can improve your performance lap after lap.

Thanks to its large 7″ capacitive touchscreen display LMDash allows the visualization of different graphic layouts and easy interaction with the driver without the needs to change the cluster support and use external buttons.

Integrated audio is particularly useful to info the driver in the event of vehicle occurrencies or anomalies.

Compared with our competitors, system expandability is another great innovation: it allows in near future to communicate with additional modules, such as GPS, realtime tyre pressure and temperature, anti-theft and parking sensors, rear camera, etc…

The connection is guarantee with WiFi and Bluetooth modules that make communication and management of updates easier and faster. The cable connection is provided with USB and LMBUS bus for connecting to external devices.

Thanks to the different dashboard layouts LM DASH improves your driving experience for a road trip or a track day.

Extreme customization is one of the strongest feature of LM Dash, each graphic perfectly adapts to the different usage giving with speed and accuracy all the information needed.

*Optional or Coming Soon