LM Corse was founded in 2005 and takes its origins from its founders’ passion for British sports cars.

A deep knowledge in technique and tradition of historic motor brands and a multi-year experience in nautical and aeronautical fields represent a unique historical and technical background on which the two founders chose to invest.

The establishment of LM Corse srl in 2005 is the natural meeting point of these two personal experiences which, over the years, have allowed the company to deepen its knowledge in composite materials and their applications.

The addition of new skills in mechanical design and knowledge of motorcycle world has given the company the right push to open up to new products and technological challenges.

In order to meet all these challenges, LM Corse is constantly evolving, updating and making use of collaborations with a huge team of professionals from every sector, as well as a profitable cooperation with the university world, relying on both students’ passion and teachers’ proficiency.



Thanks to our current structure, we can develop products starting from a simple idea up to its realization, making use of the most advanced technologies available today.

Our aim is turning composite fibers, mostly carbon fiber, into a commercial material within everyone’s reach, exploiting their functional and aesthetic characteristics, not only in automotive sector, but also in the sports, home and office furnishings one.

Focusing on this target, we are constantly oriented to implement our equipment and expand our knowledge, also counting on the collaboration with specialists in every area.



In order to share ideas and knowledge to create increasingly innovative products, LM Corse can count on the collaboration with The Avengineers, a team of engineers, professionals and simple enthusiasts, whose only objective is turning into reality everything that passion for mechanics, electronics and information technology can allow you to imagine.

The Avengineers, first of all, is a group of friends who, following their passion, dedicate a part of their free time to develop ideas and projects in a shared way, totally free and open to anyone who wants to join in.




Via P. da Palestrina, 2
20124 Milan (MI)


Via Roma, 81/83
22060 Cabiate (CO)